Matt Jacowski

for Portage County Executive

Lifelong resident, Lifelong service, Lifelong commitment

Vote Feb. 20, 2018 for Matt Jacowski On February 20, 2018 Vote: Matt Jacowski for Portage County Executive.

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Matt Jacowski

I am a father, a farmer, a mentor, a leader, and an Educator.

I was born and raised on our family farm in southeastern Portage County. I attended and graduated from the Almond Bancroft School District. I took my passion and eagerness to learn to UW Stout, graduating with a bachelor's degree in Technology and Engineering Education. Knowing the resources and values of Portage County, I continued to reside here.

While being raised with 6 siblings I had to learn compromise, understanding, faith, and determination. I also learned service and dedication to my community and country from my dad, Andy. He served his country in WWII and was a local mail carrier for 34 years.

Starting at the age of 10, Community was always important. I became a member of the Almond Conservation Club. Then after attending hunter's safety at 12, I found interest in teaching the course at age 16 and have been an instructor for 18 years. I also was elected to serve for 10 years on the Wisconsin Conservation congress.

With my education, full-time job and family, I still make time to farm on our 4th generation farm with my brothers Andy and Barry. While farming 1200 acres, we keep in mind conservation of land, air, and water. As farmers, we made it a priority to take 52 acres of land out of production, land that is near an herbicide prohibition area, convert to100% no till, and maintain a 23-acre native prairie.

Ty Driving at Tater Toot

I also have volunteered with the Almond conservation club. With my love of Conservation, I worked with former Senator Lassa and the Almond conservation club to help organize and guide turkey and deer hunts for our disabled veterans. I will continue working to build programs for our veterans with Representative Katrina Shankland and Senator Testin. Giving back and making our community better is always in my thoughts.

I currently serve on the Portage County board of Supervisors. Allowing me to hear and be involved with its residents. I have taught Career and Technical education in the Stevens Point Area public schools for 7 years. I have taught the young members of our community the necessary skills to succeed in our ever-changing technical society.

I am committed to Portage County along with my wife Kimberly, our children Gracelyn, Ty and Remmy. I want Portage County to be a place where my children can grow up surrounded by a thriving community, a community that cares and a community that they can flourish in.

That's why I will commit to keep Portage County a great place to live, work, and play. Thank you for considering me for Portage County Executive.


Who is Matt Jacowski?

Farming with Ty

A homegrown, caring, hard working educator with an incredible balance of Portage County values; a balance we need to help move this County into the future. As a lifelong Portage County resident growing up on a small fourth generation family farm, his father, a World War II veteran raised him with a deep respect, for family, country, veterans, education and community! He worked his way through college becoming a Technology & Engineering Instructor. In 2004, Fox Valley Technical College hosted a high mileage vehicle contest. Matt’s high school students built a first place, gas saving vehicle. Matt understands the importance of sharing his knowledge of trade skills like; metal working, wood-working, electrical knowledge & engineering with the students who pass through his classes. They are our future community, leaders and workforce.

Matt meeting with Amherst residents

As a Portage County Board Supervisor, Matt is listening to all residents of Portage County. Matt doesn’t just listen, he hears taxpayer’s voices and refuses to have their voice’s lost to politics and personal agendas. As open letters arrive in the paper for each candidate who will notably carry labels and evidence encouraging a vote, please note Matt’s first hand experience in local politics will help all of Portage County’s residents. Why? He cares.

Matt has an ability to notice the important issues of portage county and listen to voters. For example, knowing that 38.6% of students in the Stevens Point School District are registered to receive free or reduced lunches, Matt knows Portage County taxpayers can’t afford wasteful spending. That fact is why Matt voted “NO” to spending $78 million on remodeling county office space downtown.

Matt is an award winning leader who was raised with solid Portage County family values.


Stevens Point Area Public Schools

Work collaboratively with educational and business partners to ensure all students are career and college ready

Work with Business and Industry to teach programs that are relevant to today's needs

Fiscally responsible management of the Technology and Engineering Departments budget

August 2011 - Present

Portage County Supervisor

Committee Member of:

  • Highway Committee
  • Agricultural and Education Committee
  • Judicial and General Government Committee
  • Solid Waste Committee

Work alongside taxpayers, county board supervisors, public employees, and Portage County Business leaders

April 2014 - Present

Jacowski Farms

1200 acre non-irrigated soybean and alfalfa family farm

100% no-till farming

52 acres removed from production, near herbicide prohibition area

Maintain 23 acres of Native Prairie

Participant in Blue Bird House Project

1981 - Present